New 3DS Commercial stars Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

What better person to advertise the new customizable and excessively colorful New 3DS. It’s a rather short commercial starring the Harajuku princess and popular Nintendo characters in delightfully dapper outfits.

Okay, those shorts are all sorts of ridiculous.
Okay, those shorts are all sorts of ridiculous.

And it seems like the name “New 3DS” might stick seeing as how the latest version of the handheld is also being released in Australia and (presumably New Zealand) this November 21st. That means that Australia and New Zealand will be the only countries to have the New 3DS come out this year.

We're off to play with Australia!
We’re off to play with Australia!

The CM:

I didn’t plan on buying another 3DS but considering the customization options and the possibility of the Super Famicom on a 3DS, I might consider buying one. Still think that second analog stick is ridiculous but we’ll have to see how it works in person.

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