The new collaboration will feature the Japanese traditional crafts Kutani Yaki and popular Gundam character Char, Kutani-yaki of red comet. Char’s “Red Kutani ware” will begin accepting orders now.
Japanese traditional ceramic dinnerware “Kutaniyaki Gundam Shoza Wind Red Comet Chart” that is designed with popular character “Char · Aznable” of the Gundam series will be on sale. It is an amazing collaboration.
The collection of “Shoza” which is the late stage of the Kutani-yaki style of traditional crafts in Ishikawa Prefecture and the popular Gundam character “Char · Aznabulle” as the “Red Comet” will be released soon.

The line is finished in a vibrant red and gold palette using the gold hand technique. They look gorgeous and luxurious.
The dinnerware depicts favorite scenes such as the figure of Char standing with Rin, Char wearing the mobile suit “Jeung”, as he boards “Zaku dedicated to Cher” and “Gundam” battle scenes.
I think it will be irresistible for Gundam fans that the emblem of Cher is drawn on the back of the No. 7 size plate.

There are five items in the line, a mug, a bowl , a teapot, an Inoguchi and a plate.
The Inoguchi can be used for the tea ceremony or as a buckwheat noodle bowl, also the number 7 size plate can be used for dinner or dessert.
You can buy each product individually or in a set of four which includes a mug, bowl, teapot, and an Inoguchi.
The number 7 plate with it’s luxurious finish and gold coating by Kutani pottery ceramist Toshifumi Taka is sold separately.

Reservation are being accepted at Bandai Official Shopping Site “Premium Bandai” until December 9, 2016. Shipment of products will be scheduled for March 2017).
Also, starting December 10, Gundam Cafe in GUNDAM SQUARE will also be accepting orders.
By the way, the price is 13500 Japanese yen for Gundam Kutaniyaki Shozo’s wind red comet figure set.
If you are a Gundam Char fan, this is a must-get!

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