New Delicious Sanrio Character, Kirimi-chan

Everybody knows who Hello Kitty is; the super adorable mascot that has taken over the world but nobody knows it yet.  The minds behind the kitty overlord and her friends have decided to take another route in mascot creation: the edible kind, mainly grilled fish.

The face that has conquered nations. And she’s looking to expand!

Meet Kirimi-chan and her many friends (which are all varieties of fish, except the guy that’s literally a slice of ham).

There’s a little guy with a slice of ham for a head (Rosu-chan). All the other mascots are fished-based like Tai-kun (red seabream) and Kamaboko-chan (who is fish paste).
Leave it to Sanrio to give their mascots the most literal nicknames but are still able to make them adorable.

These new characters actually won a contest held by Sanrio where people were to pick from 20 different edible mascots. There has always been a trend for Japanese food companies to personify their product as a lovable character that can’t wait for you to eat them; it’s slightly unsettling but I’m usually enjoying the product too much to even care.

Don’t look at me with those eyes. It doesn’t make eating you any harder; only more enjoyable.

I have no idea what compelled Sanrio to venture into edible mascot territory since-not to my knowledge-they don’t have any specialty restaurants that deal with only Sanrio-themed food. Also, if you take into consideration that Kirimi-chan is a sentient piece of fish, doesn’t working with a cat seem to no be in the best interest of our fishy friend? Well, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth to begin with so it should be fine…

Yes Kirimi-chan, introduce yourself politely… into my mouth so that I may devour you.

Source: RocketNews24

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