Quite a while ago, we talked about Japanese anime company Madhouse’s line of Marvel-inspired anime series: first they tackled Wolverine, Iron Man and the X-Men, but now they have finally focused their efforts on the fourth edition of the series.

Vampire killer Blade will be the focus of the upcoming anime, which will close out the series.


photo: Comics Alliance

All the fine details about the anime are still scarce, but Comics Alliance did some work and found out some of the general information. The series will debut in Japan on July 1 on Japan’s Animax network, but international releases are still to be announced.

While the Blade anime hasn’t received an official release date in North America or an localized English dub cast, the Japanese staff seems pretty interesting. Directing is Mitsuyuki Masuhara with a script by Battle Royale movie franchise veteran Kenta Fukasuka.

Story details are also fairly sparse, but shoddy online translations of the site’s Japanese text make it pretty clear that Blade will be teaming up with a young vampire hunter from Japan, plus Noah Van Helsing (of the Helsings!) and his awesome dog Razor against the evil Deacon Frost and his minions in Asia. Good guys vs. bad guys in a cool part of the world? Seems pretty solid so far.

Here’s the Blade anime project’s own website, which features a bunch of character images and other fun stuff.

In addition, view a teaser trailer below:

Stay tuned for mroe information about the US anime release and/or English/other language dub editions.

photo: Comics Alliance

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