The Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary website we told you about at the beginning of October is finally updated! So without further ado, here are (what I thought were) the most exceptional Hello Kitty items.

0001_01Mitsubishi Mirage – Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Package! Only 400 available!

0001_02The car comes with Hello Kitty seat covers…

0001_03…and Hello Kitty rims!

0001_04Hello Kitty on both bumpers, mirrors, sides, and fuel gas cover.

thumb2_kty_40kobansaTroyes – Hello Kitty pure gold koban (Japanese oval gold coin)

thumb4_kty_gokimonosTroyes – Hello Kitty made in pure gold!

SONY DSCTroyes – Hello Kitty silver accessory with a diamond in the bow!

SONY DSCYou can put your birthstone on the back too!

g0006_11Hello Kitty in Wonderland

hello-kitty-decoKawaii Hello Kitty watches

kitty_osechi1Hello Kitty osechi set

kitty_osechi2Osuimono (soup)

kitty_osechi3 kitty_osechi4

059897_01Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Merch from Sanrio


main_vHello Kitty Robot with mini Hello Kitty pilot that can shoot with its paw!

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 2.51.12 PMUnderwater mode (ribbon as flippers), Flight mode (ribbon as wings), Drive mode (legs have wheels on them), Regular mode, Pun-pun (angry) mode

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