Just when you thought Japan wasn”t going to get any weirder… it did. Following in the steps of AKB48″s success, we have a new idol group to obsess over, buy merch of, cosplay (or attempt to and most likely, tragically fail) and stalk online. However, this one consists of cats. Yes, cats.

Obligatory juvenile jokes about pussy aside, (and trust me, I could come up with many, most of which are probably best off not repeated in best online casino polite company) NKB48 is meant for the kind of people that can”t go five minutes without looking at a lolcat. NKB48 was created by the online cat-supply shop felissimo. Playing off of the AKB48 name, NeKoBu48 recently finished the first round of elections. The kitties picked by the voters will end up as members of the cat brigade, and featured on all kinds of merchandise. There will be stickers, napkins,  profile cards and microfiber hand towels with the image of the current top ten cats.

Current “leader” of the cat brigade top ten is April from Osaka. She”s described as “ a baby face, but can look after the house”, whatever that may mean. I”m quite surprised that Maru wasn”t given automatic leadership.

Just about the only things the mighty NKB48 does not have is its own anime and a record contract. I”m sure those will be soon to come. In the meantime, those curious about NKB48 can go to their (Japanese) website at http://www.felissimo.info/neko/nkb48/


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