Here’s the new idol group, RO-KYU-BU, who is being called the next AKB48. This unit is quite different from the others as it is made up of professional voice actresses, who will actually be playing anime characters in the show by the same name. Their song, Kamisama Konnichiwan Hound, which is a play-on-words (“wan” = “woof”, hence hound), will be the theme song.

Left to Right: Rina Hidaka, Youko Hisaka, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi, Yui Ogura

The story: Subaru Hasegawa enters high school and joins the basketball team, but the club is suspended to due rumors about the caption’s attraction to younger girls. With nowhere to go, his aunt insists he should volunteer as the temporary coach for the elementary school’s girls basketball team (consisting the RO-KYU-BU girls). Subaru at first isn’t used to dealing with kids, but once he learns of the girls’ reasons for being on the team, he fights to keep their hopes up.

Here’s the 45 second promotional video of their song “Shoot!”

So AKB48 or RO-KYU-BU?

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  1. saw the full PV this AM, love it. The next AKB, I hope, but this gives H!P an opening. their plus through this minus, or something like that.
    Ps: I’ve seen the PV atleast seven times back to back.

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