Nissin Foods put out a few press releases today and they were for some very interesting instant noodles.

First up is the new flavors for the Potato Noodle Soup line. This is the first I’ve heard of noodles made out of potatoes, but apparently, Nissin has been selling them since last year. They say you can enjoy noodles with a completely different texture. The two new flavors are cream stew and minestrone. I wonder how they make the noodles… Hmmmm…

Next up is their Spice Kitchen line. It usually comes with pho, but they added ramen noodles and created the Spice Kitchen Noodle. Can’t go wrong with spicy ramen, am I right?

And for those that get protein from meats, well here’s the BMT of ramens, the BIG Cup Ramen Meat Tantan-men.

Perfect products for a fatty like me. Mmmmm…



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