With the latest Pokemon game out, it looks like they have a lot of merchandise ideas, which is great news for Pokemon fans!


Kawaii fuzzy Pikachu socks!

Cute Pikachu bag

Pikachu scarf to keep you warm during winter

Hand towel

Pokemon stuffed animals wearing winter gear!

Fennekin in a cute knit sweater.

Chespin looking warm in a striped scarf.
Froakie on a sleigh!

More cute winter themed Pokemon goods

Japanese New Year themed merchandise!
Nengajo – new year card

Darumaka zabuton



More stuffed animals! These were designed by Play Set Products.

Cute mugs that come with an even cuter tin can.

iPhone cases!

And for those of you who want to show your love for Pokemon in a more subtle way designer Shinzi Katoh has made products just for you!Mini Pikachu plush and pouches

Pokemon tree house bag

Eyeglass case


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    1. only in Japan, I believe… you might be able to get them at the Pokemon Centers in the US, if you live in a city with one (Seattle, Tacoma, New York). if you’re lucky enough to have relatives/friends in Japan, you can buy the products through amazon and have your peeps send your purchase to you.

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