New Steins;Gate Manga told from Mayuri’s Perspective

Tuturu~!” The May edition of Ultra Jump that came out on April 19th showcases the latest Steins;Gate manga which features the Steins;Gate story through Shiina Mayuri’s perspective. Yoshiki Naruse, who handled the adaptation of Kurisu’s perspective from drama CD to manga will also manage this adaptation of Mayur’s drama CD entitled Steins;Gate – Mugen Enten no Arc Light.

The drama CD.
First page of the manga.

This comes in just in time for those playing the English localization (website has NSFW material) of the Steins;Gate game that just shipped. The people playing the localization are most likely fans of the source material and now that a new manga that follows the perspective of, in my opinion, the most mysterious character in Steins;Gate. Is Mayuri just airheaded and ditzy or is she actually hiding some deep psychological trauma? Oooh, mindless speculation that will hopefully be quelled with the new manga.

Source: Crunchyroll, Natalie (JP source)

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