This post on Kirainet (“A Geek in Japan”) highlights a recent trip to a haikyo (abandoned) town in Japan by the writer and his friends/colleagues.

An abandoned Famicom video game console

They visited Nichitsu Ghost Town, located far from the busy Tokyo area.

Apparently, it was a mining town that was abandoned around 1978 when the mines were depleting and it didn’t generate enough profit to keep everyone around.

As the article continues, it was a pretty provocative experience, filled with some memorable moments:

We spent our day exploring the town. Houses, employee residences, warehouses to store mine tools, a supermarket, a sento (public baths) and even a theater and a hospital. It’s kind of creepy to walk around places where there has been life in the past and it feels like everything disappeared from one night to the next morning. We found all kinds of objects, from x-rays in a hospital to family photos that we found in a room of a mine workers. It felt like most of the inhabitants vanished and left most of their belongings there so they could be forgotten throughout time. It was like traveling in a time machine, a trip that captivated us until our cameras ran out of memory cards and films.

View the rest of the article/photo gallery to see all of their photographs, which definitely make it look like a worthwhile experience: abandoned hospital operating rooms, classic video game consoles and video equipment left behind (as pictured above), and other scenes of tranquility and abandonment that really leave a mark with the viewer.

There’s even a silly zombie video that the group compiled while at the hospital, if that’s your sort of thing.

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