Rough times for Mario.

MSNBC is reporting that video game giant Nintendo will report a loss of roughly 100 billion yen ($1.32 billion) for the first half of 2011.

That’s not good for the company, but it begs the question: WHAT is going on? Why does the once-dominant global gaming empire have such a hard time turning a profit now?


The 3Ds hasn't done as well as expected

Part of the reason, apparently, has to do with the fact that the Nintendo 3Ds handheld device hasn’t been nearly as popular an item as the company had hoped. That, coupled with the declining popularity of the Wii console (which has dropped off significantly in the past few years) has resulted in the company being less and less successful.

Nintendo is trying some things to hopefully turn the tide around: Nintendo has certainly been taking steps to try to boost interest in the 3DS as the all-important holiday buying season approaches. It recently launched a 3-D video service for the device and revealed that the 3DS will soon be able to record 3-D video and stop-motion animation videos and. Even more importantly, Nintendo will soon launch big games such as the highly anticipated “Super Mario 3D Land.” (MSNBC)

Read more about Nintendo’s struggles at MSNBC.

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