NIS America Announces Arakawa Under Bridge x Bridge Standard Release

If you love completely nonsensical anime and haven’t seen Arakawa Under the Bridge, then good news for you because NIS America is bringing them over to North America. They’ll be available for purchase on April 29th at your favorite “local” anime store (online or physical) or NIS America’s webpage (link is to the premium edition which includes two Blu-rays, two DVDs and bonus features).

This has no relation to the article. I don’t even know why I picked this scene. It’s not even that funny.

Arakawa is a completely off-the-wall comedy anime with jokes that might go over the head of some viewers but it deserves a watch. Especially if you like twisted, atypical rom-coms with the best cast of characters ranging from a guy who has a star for a head and a kappa (or a person dressed up as a kappa). Also, for fans of the Monogatari series and Gintama, might like to know that the main character has the same voice actor as Araragi and “Star Head” has the same voice actor as Gintoki.

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