Nisekoi and Madoka Crossover (for mobile games)

When taken into consideration, the two anime, one is about a girl going through an existential crisis (we all know the series is about Homura) and the other is about a love and promise formed ten years ago, are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN TONE and a crossover of the two begs the question, why? Well other than the fact they’re both animated by Shaft (the gloriously artsy animation studio) there really isn’t much in common other than the fact that each series is good in their own right.

But let’s ignore everything that makes these anime good and mash them together in an attempt to advertise mobile social games. I actually think it’s hilarious and awesome despite what I previously said. It’s because this image now exists:

If there’s an anime spin-off of this image where Homura has to amass her harem, I’m not going to not watch it. I’m going to definitely not not watch it with gusto.
Look, it’s a gorilla cosplaying Homura. (This is Nisekoi, by the way)

I don’t have to sing any more praises about the Madoka series, since I didn’t even appreciate it as much as everyone else. I feel like a lot of its popularity stems from the fact that it’s a DARK magical girl anime and that shocked a lot of people. It’s still a good series but a lot the hype was blown out of proportion since it first came out.

Nisekoi (roughly translated as “Fake Love”) is a “romcom” anime. It’s actually well-written and despite being what many would consider a harem anime, each girl is well-developed in terms of their character motivation and you can’t help but root for every girl. It seems generic at first glance, but like Madoka, it unconventionally portrays its genre and ends up strengthening its appeal, albeit it’s not as drastic as Madoka. If you’re a fan the Monogatari series (which is also animated by Shaft) Nisekoi gives off a similar vibe with its surreal animation style and production quality, which is pretty much standard for Shaft but the similarities are more apparent between Monogatari and Nisekoi given that they’re tonally similar. The anime is still actually airing so you better get on that hype train before it ends.

Not going to lie, even I thought it looked extremely generic before I even saw an episode, but I am glad I gave it a chance.

Source: OtaNews (JP), Crunchyroll

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