November marks several anniversaries for Nissin, the company that makes a poor college student’s life much easier. It’s the 55th anniversary of Chicken Ramen, their famous line of instant noodles, 50th anniversary of Nissin Yakisoba, and 45th anniversary of Demae Iccho, their other line noodles. To celebrate their long success, they’re giving away Hiyobos to 5,000 lucky people.



The Hiyoko-chan (chick) Robot works as a timer so you can prepare the perfect ramen, but it also talks, sings, dances, and quizzes you to keep you company. Kawaii~ Check out this funny web exclusive video by Nissin on Hiyobo below!

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  1. my bad! seems like Nissin changed it. I updated the link. I hope you can see it this time!

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