BIBILAB has released the Nomad Suitcase, a suitcase that opens into a table. You can use this suitcase-table to create your own office space anywhere you want! Not only is it useful for office work, it can also be used as a small picnic table, a registration table at events, a table for street performance, etc. (Check out the details here.) A Gigazine writer tried out this cool, new suitcase!

I received two huge boxes from BIBILAB.

I opened the boxes and took out these two suitcases, one navy and the other yellow.

This is the yellow Nomad Suitcase viewed from the front. The space is split into two parts.

On the right side is the handle.

The back side is the desk part.

On the left side is the space to stow away the foldable chair.

There are two pockets, perfect to stow smaller items.

This side part is detachable, so feel free to detach it when you won’t be needing it. You may lose this side part when going on a flight, so it may be a good idea to secure it tightly with a belt.

On the top is another handle, along with an additional carry-handle that can be adjusted to three different lengths.

The carry-handle pulled out looks like this.

The suitcase looks like this next to a female 153cm tall. The size is approximately 440 x 294 x 689mm with a storage of 71L, so it is a suitcase suited more for an entire week’s worth of travel, rather than for a shorter trip of 2-3 days.

Above is a video of actually setting up the Nomad Suitcase.

First, lock two out of the four tires.

There is a latch on the bottom part of the table, so we pull it up…

And open it up like this.

Expand the legs…

And pull them out.

Lastly, take off the table support (stowed on the back side of the table) and attach it to the groove on the suitcase.

The chair is stowed in the side of the suitcase.

Set this up as well.

The setup is now complete!

How is it useful? We decided to try out variations! For example, you may notice yourself walking around aimlessly with food in your hands, but no place to eat.

If you have a Nomad Suitcase, you’ll never have to worry about a place to eat. You can enjoy a picnic whenever, wherever!

When sitting on a bench, you can have a hard time eating bento, having to carry it with one hand while using the other one to eat. With the suitcase, you can easily open up a table and eat at ease.

Or what if you need to immediately get to work on your laptop, but have no space? No fear! Just open up the suitcase table and start working.

The suitcase is useful for street performers as well! Our editor did comment that he wanted a bit more height when using cards, though.

For those who cosplay, you can stow away your costume in the suitcase and use the table as an area to fix your makeup even when you’re outdoors.

The great thing about a Nomad Suitcase is the fact that it is useful not just as a desk, but as a normal suitcase as well! The suitcase is split into two parts, with the top holding 23L and the bottom holding 48L. The top part looks like this.

There are two mesh pockets on the lid.

The bottom part has a lock. The lock was set when the suitcase arrived, so we pressed the reset button and set it to a code we liked.

Pull down the slide attached above the dial to unlock.

I opened up the bottom part.

There is a big and small pocket attached to the lid. Inside the bigger pocket was the instruction manual for the desk setup.

There is also a screen to prevent your luggage from popping out.

You can use the two spaces accordingly, whether it be by splitting it for a two-person trip or putting your work goods in one space and personal goods in the other.

The navy Nomad Suitcase looks like this.

If two people on a business trip both use Nomad Suitcases, they can easily build a quick meeting space!

Nomad Suitcases are purchasable on Amazon for ¥22,581.

Source: Gigazine

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