One foot in the door of November while we might be busy putting away our carved pumpkins and planning on that big family dinner, let’s not forget to pick a soundtrack. October saw some very decent LPs and singles from our favorite bands and musicians so we decide to post a kind reminder for you to take a step back here – ICYMI.

lucky1. “Dressing” from Lucky Tapes
Released 10.3.2018
Lucky Tapes, a three-piece Tokyo band, has been active on stage since the release of their first album “the Show” in 2015. Having a few pieces of work featured in movies and TV shows, they got a chance to work with Mino Takaaki, the guitarist of Toe on their second album “Cigarette & Alcohol” and brought this album to the stage of Fuji Rock Music Festival.
“Dressing”, as the first full-length album after the major debut of Lucky Tapes earlier this year, does not lose much of the old casual, jazzy vibe that the band has. One of the songs “Lonely Lonely” is a collaboration with Chara (I would imagine it was Takaaki from Toe, knowing Chara for a long time, who brought her and the band together) which sounds jolly and sweet.
The album is a good listen for a cozy coffee shop afternoon. If this is something that fits your mood, definitely add the whole record to your heavy rotation playlist if you have not done so.

kikag2. “Masana Temples” from Kikagaku Moyo
Released 10.5.2018
After a few stops in Asia and North America, psychedelic band Kikagaku Moyo is heading for the second leg of the tour in Europe. We had an interview with the guitarist Daoud Popal earlier in October and the article was just out. Click here to see the full interview.
This massive world tour is to support their new full-length album “Masana Temples”. I was able to attend Kikagaku’s Brooklyn gig and the live version sounded amazing. A few critics saw this album as “too light weighted” thus “insubstantial”. I, however, personally believe that the album does not need to be anywhere near “substantial”, thus of course does not necessarily lead to a meaningful spiritual journey. A five-minute post-sex meditation is fine with me. Go watch the music video of “Nazo Nazo” you’ll see what I mean.
If you like what you hear in this album, you should catch them in one of their upcoming European gigs. If you are not in Europe, not a problem. They tour extensively enough and it makes them almost impossible to miss.


04limi3. “Soil” from 04 Limited Sazabys
Released 10.10.2018
04 Limited Sazabys, a pop-punk quartet, has just welcomed their 10-year anniversary this year although they still don’t sound their age. The leader singer, Gen, known for his “shonen (teenager)” like vocal, carries on with his clean, elastic voice on this new record.
Once again this album proves to be a frenetic one just like their past releases with the same level of energy. At least I know it gives me the same urge to jump around and spin. The momentum keeps increasing towards the very end like a roller-coaster but does not exhaust you in any way.
Apart from the fact that the structures of a few songs sound a bit cliché and repetitive, which is a common problem with most emo/pop-punk bands, this new album is a wonderful choice for a Friday night party where everyone should just let their hair down.

shes4. “the Everglow” from She’s
To Be Released 11.14.2018 (Preview available 10.30.2018)
Although the physical release of She’s’ new single is scheduled for not until mid-November, the video of this song is already available to the public on YouTube and so is the digital audio version on Apple Music and other music streaming services from 10/30.
Not to be confused with the all-female indie band “the She’s” from San Francisco – this “She’s” that we are talking about here is an all-male pop band from Osaka. The soft, pellucid melodies from this band can always touch me deeply, and this new song is no exception. The subtle emotion evolvement accompanied with a very typical J-pop tune also makes it a valid hit guarantee. The gentle rhythm is very relaxing, keeping me feel positive and ready for the next challenge.

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