Because the Internet is absolutely ridiculous, I stumbled upon this random picture of a Stormtrooper snoozing on a bench in Japan. It was linked to a website called Kirainet, and apparently this website just posts all kinds of candid photos of people sleeping in public places in Japan.

There are pictures of subway riders passed out on the seats, people sleeping in telephone booths, and even a guy sleeping on a chain link fence. I guess if you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

I’m hardly surprised this website exists, as there are millions of blogs and sites out there whose sole purpose is to show a bunch of random stuff for voyeuristic (and hilarious) reasons.

Check out website itself to see more absurd and totally random pictures of people sleeping in strange spots.

Oh yeah, I found this Stormtrooper picture over at Lonelee Planet, so thanks to them for the tip.

–Adrian G.

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