Singer-songwriter Oh Shu has announced the release of 7 inch analog of his new double A-side single, “don’t hurt pride / Muzhhik”.

Born in Shanghai and raised in Tokyo, Oh Shu has made his music works known as the “continental sound” in the indie world for his refined utilization of international instruments on top of the normal band setup of guitar, bass and drums. Since his debut in 2014 with album “Wang” which was joined by many fellow musicians, he has gone on to receive critical acclaim. However while Oh Shu has subsequently put out quite a few releases, his most recent full length work is a collaborated album with BIOMAN called “Villa Tereze”.

Oh Shu has also confirmed that his 3rd solo album is in the making. The two tracks in the upcoming double A-side will be part of the new album. The artwork of this new album will be made by designer, hirokichill, who also did the artwork for “Villa Tereze”.

Watch the music video of “Moebius” from his second album “Picture” below and prepare to be enchanted by this mysterious man.

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