These photos are from my favorite local okonomiyaki restaurant in my hometown takayama city, Gifu, Japan. I wanna talk about “Okonomiyaki” but first let me introduce you to HIDA TAKAYAMA, old town of Japan. I highly recommend you to vist HIDA takayama if you’re in Nagoya City ( 1.5 hour shinkansen ride or 2 hours bus ride from Nagoya. Very close! ) I miss HIDA a lot. It’s beautiful and peaceful, amazing views of northern Japan Alps of Gifu prefecture. People are extremely nice and happy. The old town is full of historical buildings and streets from Edo Period (1600-1868) and known as a little kyoto. The Takayama festival held in spring and autumn is known as one of the three most beautiful festivals of Japan. So many place to visit and eat. Best hotsprings around the town. Yummy foods and homemade Sake. ( A famous sake tasting day pass is a must-try! )  My dear hometown HIDA. I MISS YOU. Wanna see more photos? Visit my blog to read summer adventures in my hometown 2011. yep, that’s where I grow up.

Anyways let’s talk about okonomiyaki!!!! One of my favorite japanese food. All time favorite. I miss going to Okonomiyaki restaurants and cook different flavors and order their house specials. Add extra cheese or thin cut pork // beef. Make it extra crispy on one side. The experiences are always great. You can get okonimiyaki at Izakaya here in LA but cooking your own okonomiyaki in front of you and make it how you want it, is the best part of Okonomiyaki restaurant experience. Unfortunately, there’s no such places here in America ( as far as i know! ) this is something you have to do and try out when you visit Japan and have a great time. I promise you, it’s going to be amazing. Have you had Okonomiyaki before? If you haven’t you’re missing out!

In the photos below, I got 3 different okonomiyaki.

One : summer special okonomiyaki // 2 different cheese and bacon, tororo-imo,  sweet tomatos on top. The tradicional Okonomiyaki source and MAYO.

Two : Basic Okonomiyaki  // bacon and squid mix with mayo and traditional source.

Three : Tofu Steak. YUM!

Okonomiyaki recipe is coming up soon! I love going to Okonomiyaki restaurants but i love homemade okonomiyaki too and would love to share my recipe with you!!

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    1. The place I went is called “ANTO” If you wanna see more photos, please visit here! Their address is 〒506-0054 Takayama city, okamoto-cho, 2-106-1. TEL 0577-32-1535 ENJOY!!!

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