ONE OK ROCK Paying Tribute to US band,

My Chemical Romance!

The best Rock N’ Roll tribute album is in the works and ONE OK ROCK is one of the many international bands involved!  Not only is the band currently touring with 5 Seconds of Summer, but now they will be contributing to the tribute album for My Chemical Romance.

The tribute album is titled, The Black Parade, and is a cover of My Chemical Romance’s single, “The Black Parade” originally released in 2006, serving as its 10 year anniversary!  Headed by British Rock magazine, Rock Sound, The Black Parade will is set to be released on September 14th and features bands such as Twenty One Pilots, Ghost Town, and Asking Alexandria.  ONE OK ROCK will be covering the 1st track on the anticipated album titled, “The End.”

My Chemical Romance was a band formed in 2001, hailing from New Jersey, the band’s impact on the Rock world followed after the original release of their album, “The Black Parade” which received phenomenal feedback in the UK and it said to have greater focus on genres of Punk and Alternative Rock.


The Black Parade:

01. The End. – ONE OK ROCK
02. Dead! – Escape The Fate
03. This Is How I Disappear – Creeper
04. The Sharpest Lives – State Champs
05. Welcome To The Black Parade – Crown The Empire
06. I Don’t Love You – Moose Blood
07. House Of Wolves – Palisades
08. Cancer – Twenty One Pilots
09. Mama – Ghost Town
10. Sleep – New Years Day
11. Teenagers – Against The Current
12. Disenchanted – Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
13. Famous Last Words – Asking Alexandria

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