One Piece Film Z to hit up Theaters in other Asian Countries!

If you live in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea, rejoice! One Piece Film Z is coming soon to your theaters! We in the United States are pretty jealous right now! However, we and Europe might be getting a similar treatment soon and I really do hope so! (Please, Toei!)

Taiwan – January 25th

Singapore – February 1st

Hong Kong – February 14th

Thailand – TBA

Korea – TBA

One Piece Film Z Chinese Trailers

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Source: Crunchyroll

It sucks having to wait almost a year and an half or even longer until we get a dub or sub of the Japanese movies. (Dying for Evangelion 3.33 here!!) However, it seems like times have changed and we are getting them a lot sooner than expected. I recall seeing Rurouni Kenshin Live Action available to watch Los Angeles (and I believe the tickets were sold out in minutes). However, however (I am just using this word way too much now) these kinds of movie do not stay around long enough for other fans to watch. The Madoka Magica and Tiger & Bunny movies were only available for a month before disappearing. Likewise, tickets for both movies were a little hard to come by. Nonetheless, like the upcoming Pokemon Games, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, it seems like release dates for Japanese Entertainment to the world is starting to sync up or at least having shorter delays. yay!

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