As many of you know, a year has passed since the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.  Tohoku is steadily recovering from the tragedy.  Many Japanese people were affected in one way or another but still staying strong and supporting each other.

On March 11, 2012 people all over the world held commemorative events for Tohoku.

NYC- Over 1000 people gathered in a church to pray for the victims and the people who are evacuated.

Paris- At 6:46am 1000 Japanese people with flowers gathered in front of the Eifel Tower and made prayers in the direction of Japan .

Moscow- A school held a special class for that day. Students got a Japanese calligraphy set and wrote the kanji 結 – support/connect

Taiwan- A Japanese ultramarathoner ran around the island of Taiwan for 13 days to show gratefulness for the fast action and the endless support Taiwan has been giving Japan.  The man was able to complete his 665.5 miles run on the 11th.

Tokyo- On the observation deck of Tokyo Tower, it lit up the words KIZUNA NIPPON giving the meaning “We are together” to commemorate victims, show support to the survivors, and to remind people that we all need to support each other.

Japanese people who live abroad organized events all over the world to give back to countries that supported.  Tohoku is still in need for help.  Every little action counts, it is never too late to show support.

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