Style as in their style. Their ride of choice is their itasha (literally meaning painmobile), which are cars decorated with their favorite anime characters. A couple weeks ago, the otakus had their 4th Annual Ita G Festival in Tokyo where almost 1000 of them were lined up.

Can’t forget the cosplay.

That’s like a $300,000 car! He must really love Hatsune Miku.

Another very expensive sports car.



Here’s a video from the second annual festival which makes thing more, well, interesting I guess. As two girls look around at the cars, they find it’s quite common for the drivers to seat their “girlfriends” in the passenger seat. And for those who don’t want to drive over in their cosplay outfits, they’ve installed changing rooms. They also sell itayu, engine oil that comes in different colors and scents.


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