OtaMart, an Otaku goods app with a cute mascot

As if there was a need for more cute mascots in Japan, mobile software company jig.jp has announced a shopping app that deals exclusively anime goods and will have its very own mascot. I mean if there’s any way to capture the attention of the otaku market, a cute mascot is a surefire way.

The mascot’s named Mako Oda and is portrayed as a 17-year old part-time worker working at OtaMart, also the name of the app. Mako even has an entire backstory fleshed out for her; she’s the youngest of three, a huge fan of anime and games (of course) and is looking to get into cosplay. Jij.jp really knows who their audience is.

The app will be out late March but you’ll be able to pre-register to get notified of the apps release. Also, if you pre-register, you’ll get a “special” picture of Mako. No idea what that entails but one can imagine. OtaMart coming to iOS first and Android to follow. Also, the app is most likely to stay in Japan but who’s to say Amazon or a similar company won’t broaden their services.

Source: RocketNews24

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