June 29- July 2 was the annual Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center! Here at KKS we had fun attending panels, interviewing fans, watching movies, and most of all taking pictures of cosplayers! We will upload videos and reports on our fun time we spend at AX soon, so keep checking us out.

Here is a little report on how our Friday and Saturday was like at AX-


Friday, June 29th: Day 1

Started the day off with walking around the Exhibition Hall where the booths were at.  Many booths selling all sorts of things like costumes, swords, games, posters, character pillows, manga, figures, and much more. Then we went to a vocaloid panel, the line was long but worth the wait.  The panel was more like a mini Hatsune Miku concert.  After that we attended the Anime News Network panel which was kinda boring. haha  We took pictures of cosplayers throughout the day.  Friday was a chill day 🙂

Saturday, June 30th: Day 2

Started the day off with watching the Pray for Japan documentary.  Then we went to the Tiger and Bunny panel,  and then to the Animetal USA panel.  At the Animetal panel the band members were all there answering questions from fans.  The Madoka Magica panel was crowded!  We all got kyubei mask~   In between panels and in the late afternoon we were able to interview fans and took pictures of cosplayers! busy busy busy-

Over all our time at AX was super fun! We are putting the videos and photos together so stay tuned !!!! Some photos are already up on our facebook page so make sure to Like it (^0^)/


These guys were my favorite: Cowboy Bepop




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