Over 30 Years Worth of Games on eBay

This is not even half of what he's got!
This is not even half of what he’s got!

When a hardcore gamer decided to stop being hardcore, he sells his video game collection on eBay. However, you would usually find a certain collection like The Legend of Zelda series or Final Fantasy series kinda collection. But you would never expect a massive collection from every single video games out there AND MORE!

An ex-gamer from Italy spent his entire life collecting various models of consoles, motherboards, soundtracks, controllers, limited edition game character toys, and the list goes on. He realized now he has games he hasn’t played and probably never will. Even he doesn’t know what’s in the pile since his collection is so extensive. Luckily, the Italian gamer kept a semi-complete list that helps with the organizing and giving his bidders and idea what they will be receiving if they win this pile of gold mine. The auction starts at US $550,000. Sounds a little undervalued if you asked me but what do I know? And it may even go up depending how fierce the competition will get it. If you have half-a-million dollars or more, you know where to blow it on!

There are too many pictures for us to upload so that should give you an idea how big that collection is. The seller has conveniently uploaded as many pictures as he can so you’re going to need to go to his eBay listing to see what it contains.

30 Years Worth of Games on eBay

And here’s the PDF file of the list of what he owns. LINK

If you decide to bid, best of luck to you! Be sure to let us know if you do! 🙂

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