Is there anything cuter than a game where you are a pancake and have to fly around getting all the butter you can? Probably, and I’m not sure why that it cute at all, but compared to most video games, its at least original. But, I have A LOT of questions for the makers of this game. Like, for starters, why pancakes? And are those pancake ghosts? Did those pancakes die? And why do they rub on your pancake when you die? Are they rubbing their ghost-ness onto me? What the hell? And, let’s just put some trees in there for no reason. Not even something pancake or breakfast related for the pancakes to dodge around, just trees. I feel like there was a drug-related idea behind this video game that was never brought to full realization. I bet it was good. Whatever, have fun with the pancake game! (go to the games link on the left and choose “butter collect”)

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