Starbucks in Japan has released a new drink: Peach in Peach Frappuccino.

The drink mixes two textures of peach: soft, sweet peach chunks and smooth peach jelly. This thick, juicy frappuccino features the brilliant aroma of a peach. The drink includes a red peach syrup, making it pleasurable to the eye as well!

A Gigazine writer tried this ¥610 summer drink out!

I arrived at a Starbucks.

In the storefront was a summer-styled banner of the new Peach in Peach Frappuccino.

This is the Peach in Peach Frappuccino.

You will notice when you see from the side that the drink comes in two layers of dark and light pink, creating a brilliant look.

The straw they gave me is wider than a normal one.

I stuck the straw into the whipped cream.

I took a large sip and quickly noticed why the straw is so thick: the peach chunks continuously rolled into my mouth. It is extremely juicy and creates a texture similar to when biting into a moist peach.

I scooped the inside out with a spoon. It looks like your average Starbucks frappuccino, but it has an obvious amount of dew not seen in coffee frappuccinos.

Eating it by itself, this has a very light taste. Creaminess is added when eating it with the whipped cream.

The chunks are compotes, so they are sweeter than actual peaches. The chunks are large, making the drink very filling.

The drink includes a great amount of smooth peach jelly as well. This Peach in Peach Frappuccino features the juiciness of a moist peach, the thick taste of a frappuccino, and the smoothness of jelly, making it a rich drink in which one can experience the several textures of a peach.

Starbucks will continue selling the Peach in Peach Frappuccino until August 31, 2015 or until ingredients last. The drink comes in a tall size only, and has 328kcal.

Source: Starbucks, GIGAZINE

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