…And, apparently, Penicillin WILL kill you. Penicillin are, for those of you not familiar with visual kei, was one of the first vkei bands, one that is still around. Their latest release, WILL, features Hakuei dressed as one sexy pirate. Even if you are not one for their music, one should check out casino their vocalist, Hakuei. If there”s such a thing as aging beautifully, he”s accomplished it VERY well.

Can you believe he's 40??

Hakuei also has a solo career and participated in (Nightmare”s drummer) Ruka”s visual/hip hop crossover project, Legendary Six Nine, along with the legendary rapper Twigy. Interestingly enough, the new Penicillin song has a very similar feel to CRUEL, but something is lacking… hmm, perhaps it is time to bring in another rapper?

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