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As the first part of the collaboration campaign between Perfume and Sunstar’s dental care brand, Ora 2 (aura 2), the TV commercial Ora 2 × Perfume All Day Kuchimoto Beauty will air on November 19, 2016.

The illustration of Perfume drawn by British illustrator, Jason Brooks, who has previously worked with Ora 2, will be reflected in the mirror and will morph with the music.


Perfume will joyfully dance to their new song, Rain of Jewels, written by Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) on the stone pavement.

Including the outfits, bags, and accessories, everything features an original design to reflect the limited quantity planning products.


A~chan gratefully commented about this commercial, “At our live shows, during the PTA Corner, when we freely dance and play to music, I always sing “toothbrushing songs” and would say, ‘let’s brush our teeth! Looking forward to any commercial offers!’ I am really happy that my wish has come true after so many years of pleading! Thank you, Sunstar-san!”

Kashiyuka joyfully commented, “I am really happy that the three of us will be drawn in the same illustration style from the Ora-2 commercials that I’ve been watching for so long!”



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