Pikachu Hoodie DIY


It has been chilly… Winter can be harsh but we got something that could make you feel warmer and better! In our latest tutorial, Natsuki will show you how to sew your very own Pikachu Hoodie! Aww, look at Yuna modeling it for you guys. Both she and the jacket are so cute that you suddenly feel a bit warmer, right? (pika~ pika~) By the way, it makes for a great Christmas gift too… Wink, wink!

Here are the materials you will need to get:

– Yellow Hoodie*
– Yellow Fabric
– Red Felt & Thread
– Brown Felt & Thread
– Black Felt & Thread
– Stuffing
– Sewing Machine (Optional because you can sew by hand too!)

Pattern** Download Link: Pikachu Hoodie Patterns

Feel free to re-share our patterns! 🙂 We just ask for you to credit us back in return and share our video with your friends and family.

*Our yellow hoodie was hard to find. We got ours from American Apparel. Tip: Once you get the yellow jacket, take it with you to go shopping for the yellow fabric because you want to make sure both materials are similar.
**These patterns are scaled to a Unisex American Size Small Jacket.

Pikachu Hoodie Video Tutorial

We recommend watching the whole video atleast two times before trying to make it on your own. Really pay attention to the visuals in the video. That way, you can get a sense of what to do, where things go, and make less mistakes.

If you enjoy this tutorial, then you should check out our DIY Totoro Plush! This was in collaboration with Cheek & Stitch. Snuggle with Totoro as you wear your Pikachu Hoodie browsing the interwebz or playing the new Pokemon X & Y. We will be coming out with a lot more sewing tutorials so if you have any requests, leave a comment down below!

Our Pikachu Hoodie in Action!

Do you remember our Wicked Wig Night video back in October? That was our Pikachu Hoodie’s FIRST appearance worn by Kiki herself. She looks so cute as Pikachu interviewing Ayumi Fujima who was in her Hatsune Miku cosplay. Pikachu interviewing Miku, who wouldn’t want to see that, am I right?


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