Hello Kawaii Girls and Kakkoii Boys!

In this video, Yuna is going to show you how to fold Pikachu Origami. This one is difficult so you’re going to need some patience! Ganbatte! 🙂

What you will need:
– A square, yellow origami paper
– Black & Red Sharpie/Crayons/Color Pencils
– Patience! 🙂

Extra: You can take a red-orange paper and fold the exact same way for Raichu Origami! 😉

Have fun! Feel free to post your results on our Facebook page and we will feature it in our photo albums! 🙂

Stay tuned for more DIY Tutorials from the KKS crew! 😀

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  1. thanx 4 the instruction, my raiku and pikachu came out super kute and kakkoiii, thax u soooo much <3 :3

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