Piping Hot Ginger Ale for when you crave Hot Carbonation

Have you ever thought that ginger ale was just lacking that special something? Doesn’t ginger ale just taste like better 7-Up or Sprite? Well, Coca-Cola might have solved the aged dilemma of confusing ginger ale with lemon soda, by cranking the temperature up.

What a nice looking can. Although it looks slightly like a can of coffee with the dark portion at the top.

Coca-Cola has released the new hot Canada Dry ginger ale, emphasis on the hot. Apparently a lot of research and development went into this beverage so that the heat wouldn’t mess with the carbonation or flavoring. In fact, the drink supposedly has stronger hints of ginger to really heat things up. A lot of work seems to have gone into the production of this drink so hopefully it’ll be a decent drink. If it DOES get popular, it could mean a whole new era of heating carbonated drinks! You can drink Coke in the winter or even melon soda if you’re really craving it any time that isn’t summer. For those unfamiliar with hot beverages in cans, the can is pretty thick so the transfer of heat won’t be so extreme and there won’t be any discomfort holding the can.

If this sounds like a terrible idea for a drink in the summer, don’t worry, it’s being released on October 21st in Japan for 120 yen or $1.20 USD. It’ll be perfect during the fall season for those that crave a carbonated beverage but don’t want to drink something that’s too cold. Maybe you’ll even get to see it come to your local Japanese specialty mart. Here’s hoping that summer in Japan doesn’t extend into the fall like it has been in the States or at least in California.

Source: RocketNews24

Image source: Coca-Cola JP

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