Following the events of the first Pokémon Black and White, the version 2 editions of both games will feature new trainers, new rivals, new Gym Leaders, and new locations.

For some people who do not own a Nintendo 3DS yet, don’t fret. Both of these games will be on the regular DS and it will be released in Japan sometime around June 2012. North America and Europe will have to wait a tiny bit longer. So get your poké balls ready and catch this trailer first!

It is amazing how far the Pokémon franchise has come, even the games themselves have evolved tremendously. From the insane amount of Pokémons to the eye-catching graphics and the superb storytelling, there is always something new to find when you play the game. I am pretty stoked for this! If it already looks and plays this good on the regular DS, imagine the possibility with a 3DS. O_O

Jason Vong
Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi Contributor


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