Popin’ Cookin’ series takes quit a bit of determination to get your sweets.
How many American kids are going to be willing to Make their own gummies?
For that Matter, how many parents would let them make the mess in the process?

Well, I’m glad I am an adult, and I am glad that I can make a mess without getting in trouble! Because in this package we have a lot of powders, and water, and sticky goo (though it’s only gooey when you mess up!).

Introducing…. Oekaki Gummy Land!

You would think it would be really complicated to make gummy candies; however, this kit makes it pretty easy, and quite a bit fun! The instructions are pictured on the back, so you don’t really need a translation.


You start of with the basic primary colors: red, blue, and yellow, and then you mix them in the ‘starter’ cups with a bit of water to the the line in the cup. You also put the ‘gummy nomoto’ in the main container and sweep it as flat as possible, but keep it dry!


Once you have your primary colors you use the palette cups to mix the colors to what ever shade you want! Becareful though, these colors aren’t just colors, they are flavors. Red is grape, Yellow is lemon, and Blue is soda. When mixed the instructions say that you can make lemon soda, grape soda, and……orange? That’s right, grape and lemon make orange flavor… I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Once you have the colors you want, place one of the shapes into the Gummy nomoto and start adding your flavors to it!

step 2~

After it sets for a bit (it gets slightly less wet looking) you can pop it out and enjoy!

Each set comes with different shapes as well! The package has examples of dolphins, shooting stars, houses, a bunny, and more…


Some how I ended up with a giraffe….

But as with all good things, they must come to an end…. a sticky wet messy end! But it was well worth the time, and quite fun!


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  1. hi i wanted to ask if this popin cookin has gelatine in it,if it does can you tell me if any others dont have gelatine.By the way where did you get yours from.

  2. I won one of these from the Name That Tune game at Another Anime Convention. Thanks for posting about this, I’m gonna try it out now because I can’t seem to load the online Japanese-English dictionary I use to translate the instructions! (Lucky for me there’s furigana…)

  3. Are you supposed to put water in the spot with the star on the bottom…? Im so confused x___x please reupload your photos! I can’t see them :T

  4. Can I kn where to get this poppin cooking n do yr supply? Pls kindly reply me ASAP.
    Thank you

  5. do you know how i can order. if you do can you send me 203 popin cookin sets. what knid? i’m okay with any popin cookin thank you for letting me. Please email me back. Thank you

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