Another Poppin Cookin’ funtime snack!! This time, surprisingly, I did not do as well as with the sushi, maybe it was laziness, but this pizza stuff was challenging. Anyways, this kit was pretty much the same concept as the sushi, packs of powdered sugar that you add water to which makes it into a sugary substance that resembles whatever, pizza dough, cheese, sauce, meatballs, etc. It also had the same grape flavor, which, you know, do they make it in any other flavors or what? I’m getting sick of this! Well, actually not really. It’s really really good. So sweet.

Ok, so, first we take the powdered sugar and add water.

Then, after forming the dough and spaghetti and pepperoni, we put it alltogether to make our delicious pizza and spagetti

and then, we enjoy!

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    1. haha we have so many requests right now for this stuff. we are located in LA and the only place to get it is not in j-town, but at a place called Nijiya market, with several locations around LA, check out their website…

      BUT if you’re not in LA, hang tight and we might be able to work something out with a mass order or something. check back in the next few days for a post with more details!

  1. Max hodges your are a fucking spammer, there are like 60 post from you on the popular video of youtube and in all threads talking about this product in internet

  2. I would really love one but I can’t find any that’s cheap and my parents think it’s a waste but I’ll show them

  3. Where can you get it in Canada? And is there an y other kinds instead if just pizza ?

  4. That is so cool this sounds weird but it would be an honer to get one I watch your poppin cookin pizza and spigetti video everyday no joke I always wish to get one how much is it I live in CA

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