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This past weekend was the Power Morphicon, the fan convention for Power Ranger enthusiasts…be they fans of the original series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or any of the numerous spinoff series that are still actually on television.

Growing up, I was ADDICTED to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, watching it every single day and tirelessly wanting more. Yeah, I was obsessed.

The show, which was originally based on a Japanese program, must still find a viable audience, as its EIGHTEENTH season will premiere soon. That’s a lot of seasons.

The LA Weekly Blog posted a nice recap of the festivities, and while the convention was held in a decidedly smaller-sized area than Comic Con or the various Anime conventions that hit town to throngs of costume-clad devotees, the Power Morphicon looks like it was a hit for its audience. Many attendees went dressed up in costumes of their favorite characters and everything looked like a great festive time.

I found out about the convention on Thursday, but alas it was too late and I had to miss out. That was sad. I never even knew a  Power Rangers convention existed!

Check out the article for the recap. Maybe I’ll hit it up next year!

–Adrian G.

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