Preview of Kill la Kill Nendoroids

 Everybody’s favorite lewd anime has just gotten a whole lot cuter in the form of Nendoroids. Currently, they’re only previews for what’s to come but knowing Good Smile Company, their quality will be phenomenal.


As of now, only Matoi Ryuuko has been showed to be near completion with interchangeable Senketsu eye, her scissor blade, and of course her wiggly red strand of hair.


We do get to see an incomplete Mankanshoku, the best character in the series, being as adorable as her. Hopefully Mankanshoku will come with her super-badass outfit from a certain episode but I’m okay if they only include takoyaki as an accessory.

2014y02m26d_2135445622014y02m26d_213554844No word on whether other characters from the series will be featured as Nendos. Satsuki Kiryuuin will most likely get one but I’m personally hoping for a Mikisugi (the homeroom teacher) Nendo complete with pink nipples.

Source: figsoku

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