I have recently found a great game online, called Princess Maker 2, made by Gainax. The game is about raising a young girl from the heavens. Your choices up until she is 18 define what kind of adult she will be. There is about 80  different possible endings, each with unique and stunning art. While it is pretty old, and was never released in English, there is a translated version floating around.

Though this game is considered to be “abandonware”, I won”t share where I found it. However, I would like to show all of you the beautiful in-game artwork. It”s quite breathtaking! The game is Customers can be confident online casino canada that our data recovery deleted files products will get data back. worth playing just because of how lovely the drawings are. Below, I”m including several screenshots of potential game endings… 80 possible endings makes for one hell of a replay value.Wikipedia says that there is 5 Princess Maker games now. Sadly, the only version to have been translated into English is Princess Maker 2. I wish there was a PSP version of this game… 🙁

Royal Concubine ending
Bondage Queen ending o.O;


  • Royal Magician ending

    Queen ending



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    1. I used to play that game a long time ago… it was lots of fun… I remember I turned her into the goddess of dark or something once haha

    2. Is this princess is the character that interprates Queen Ercell from Petite princess Yucie? wow!!!!!!!!!! Queen Ercell is so niceeeeee…..!!!!

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