John Lydon, aka  Johnny Rotten, former vocalist for legendary and infamous punk band Sex Pistols (and his later project Public Image Ltd.), recently released a new book called Mr. Rotten’s Scrapbook.

The book has a very limited run of 750 copies, and for that reason it’s quite pricey.

As this article from the Japan Times states,

Scenes from Japan feature heavily in “Mr Rotten’s Scrapbook,” a new coffee-table book handwritten by Lydon and filled with photos from his childhood to the present day, which was crowned Best Book at the recent NME Awards in Britain. One photo shows Lydon hanging out on a Tokyo street with several Japanese fans; another shows him leaning into a crowd at a Sex Pistols Japan show; while a third presents a bemused Lydon watching pubic-hair-free pornography on Japanese TV. The book, which is limited to 750 copies, is quarto bound in high-quality litho finish and includes a PiL picture vinyl; 100 lucky buyers will also receive a “golden ticket” that entitles them to a 10-minute webcam chat with the man himself.

The book is priced at a whopping £449 (¥59,000), which amounts to £336,750 (¥44.3 million) if the run sells out.

For the price, potential buyers would get an awful lot of perks and special treats, making this thing more than just a book purchase.

Read more details about the book here.

The book is filled with anecdotes and stories of his time on the road in his long punk-rock career, including one night in the 1990s when he realized that he loved the Japanese club circuit:

“I think this was the ’96 tour,” he continues. “Me and my current manager, Mr. Rambo, we found this crazy-arse punk club. It was the maddest house I’ve ever been to in my whole life, just young Japanese kids doing crazy punk karaoke in this club. I sang ‘Anarchy in the U.K.’ and of course they didn’t know — or believe — who I was, but that made it better!”

Read the whole article from the Japan Times for a lot more information regarding Lydon, his illustrious and infamous career, and his appreciation and enthusiasm for Japan and his experiences as a touring musician in the country.

I’ve never been much of a Sex Pistols fan but this book definitely sounds interesting enough to whoever has enough money to spend on it.

Find out more about Lydon and his book over at his official site.

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