Lotteria, the fast-food chain that brought Japan the Colossal Titan Burger (video) and many other unique products, is bringing back the ramen burger, but this time it’s bigger and better!



The Taishoken Original Tsukemen Burger was overseen by the famous tsukemen restaurant in Higashi-Ikebukuro, Taishoken, that has been in operation since 1961. The noodle patties are lightly fried until the surface becomes crispy and are served with char siu sauce and mayonnaise. The dipping soup is made from a mixture of pork bone broth, chicken broth, and fish-based broth that gives it a very rich flavor and comes with typical ramen toppings. You can eat the burger by itself, dip it in the soup, or ask for more hot water so you can enjoy the soup on its own. It sounds like fun to eat, but that is an incredible amount of carbs. The triple ramen patty burger is probably worth two days of the daily carb requirement. I bet it would taste even better if they added a thick slice of char siu in the burger. “Like” if you agree!


*Edit: Lotteria has announced that they’ll be offering a four patty ramen burger from 5/23 for a limited time. Apparently customers have been asking if they could purchase additional patties, and therefore this carb monstrosity was created. Each ramen patty is 100 grams, so that’s 400 grams (0.88 lb) of just noodles.

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