Ramen Cellphone Stand

Did you ever think that a bowl of tonkotsu ramen would complete the placement of your phone aesthetically? I’m not talking about putting your phone around or beside a bowl of ramen; I’m talking about putting that sucker smack-dab into that bowl of steamy goodness. Crazy you say? Well the folks at Hamee agree with this serious lack of ramen cellphone stands and have decided to do something about it.

It looks good enough to eat! Don’t, though…
If you decide to eat it, be sure to let us know with pictures and/or a video or your monumental task.

They have not only created one awe-inspiring ramen cellphone stand but THREE ramen stands, each being a different type of ramen (Tokyo-style chuuka soba, Sapporo-style miso ramen, and Hatak-style tonkotsu ramen. Not only can these ramen cellphone stands hold a cellphone securely, but they can also hold an iPad mini!

Here is a picture for people that aren’t familiar with the different types of ramen. They look delicious, don’t they? Ready for you to put your expensive device right in the middle of it.
You can put your iPhone!
Your Galaxy S3!
Your iPad Mini!


Just kidding.

So if you’re life is in need of a ramen cellphone stand to complement your ramen meal, you should get one of these babies. However, be prepared to part with 9,800 yen (or 99 USD) to purchase this product. I can’t offer any explanation for the extreme pricing but it could be priced as such to separate the REAL ramen aficionados from the FAKE ones (just kidding, everyone who enjoys ramen is a ramen aficionado).

Here’s the website where you can purchase it (if you can manage to navigate the site).

Source: RocketNews24

Image sources: Hamee (You can view a video of the stand here)


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