RAMEN review wednesday YAY!

If you are in LA area, you know about this place right? Everyone loves ramen! who doesn’t?

Orochon Soup is slow cooked with 13 different spices, which are the secret behind its delicious rich taste.
Every bowl of soup is individually prepared according to your taste.
Please choose from three delicious broths and then choose how spicy you want it, from non-spicy Orochon to Special 2.
Also try our delicious melt in your mouth Cha-shu.
We use filtered Pi water, The purest water for all cooking processes. (From their website.)

OROCHAN RAMEN is the place for you, if you love ramen + spicy. i mean very spicy!

The broth is so tasty! (Your choice of Miso, Salt or Soy based). I always get Soy souse! and i put some vinegar into the soup. (totally japanese style!)  You also choose the spiciness level. (Warning – #4 Neutral is NOT really neutral – it’s the perfect amount of spicy without making you want to rip out your tongue and esophagus.) I got Extreme! and perfect for me. The bowl is so big! I love the green onions and bean sprouts and pork and noodles! so many options for you!

The prices are pretty good! nice big the potion too!!  Range from about $8-10 a bowl depending how much you add extra stuff (green onions/pork cha-shu/eggs…). They have a wide variety of appetizers as well! I ordered the dumplings and it was a bit weird that they were more like shumai compared to gyoza…) and they tasted decent. $4



I highly recommend you add the eggs to your ramen! YUM! Overall i will give orochan ramen 4 stars/5!!

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