April is just around the corner and do you know what that means? It is the start of a new school year in Japan! It is always cute to see 1st graders start elementary school with their brand new “Randoseru” [ランドセル] that they will use for the next six years.  Randoseru is the Japanese pronunciation of the Dutch word “Ransel” meaning “Backpack”.  Randoseru has become the standard commuting bag for government schools since the Meiji period. Girls would carry the red and boys will carry black randoseru, but in the recent year the designs and color variations have exploded.  Now you can get them in any color! A randoseru runs from about $100~500.

Here is a photo of a classic Randoseru: These are the ones on sale for this year:
Heart Design Barbie Design Morigirl Design


Trigger, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy.

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  1. the randoseru are so cute~ i wish schools in the US used them instead of regular backpacks ;-;

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