This was a fun read.

Yumi Wilson, on the blog for the San Francisco Chronicle, posted a nice recap of FanimeCon, a 3-day anime festival in San Jose, California last week.

I grew up in the Bay, and I don’t really remember hearing much about any anime conventions, but I was probably not paying much attention back then.

Wilson’s recap is entertaining, and it highlights the convention from the perspective of someone who wasn’t terribly familiar with what goes on there, probably the same type of experience I’d have if I went to a similar convention.

She also chronicles an event that her son took part in:

My son, Kimo, took part in a spontaneous game he called Ninja. Everyone formed a circle, struck a pose, and then attempted to tag their opponent with a gentle or not-so-gentle swipe of the hand. The player who avoided being tagged won the match. The game was enthralling to me, not just because my son seemed to enjoy it, but because there was no pin-striped referee telling players what to do, and when to do it. There also seemed to be no limitations to what players could do.

Sounds like a fun/interesting weekend, to me.

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