Hi everyone! Tomokku is back with another cute recipe, and this time it’s *drum roll* Gudetama Eggs Benedict! Check out the video below, as well as photo instructions! It’s a super cool, yet simple recipe, so definitely try it out.

Gudetama Eggs Benedict Recipe (Video)

Gudetama Eggs Benedict Recipe (Photos)

Don’t forget about the seaweed!

Here are the ingredients for approximately 8 servings of Hollandaise Sauce. The salt will be used to add flavor.

Start by melting the butter with hot water until it is completely melted, as shown above.

Next, place the egg yolks in a bowl. Add the squeezed lemon juice as well, and a bit of salt to your preference.

Mix it over water that is not too hot. Remove it from the heat once it is heavy enough.

Add the butter in slowly as you mix it with the egg yolks. We are now done with the Hollandaise Sauce.

Here are the ingredients for the Eggs Benedict. We will be using half pieces of English muffins. The salt and vinegar will be used to make poached eggs.

To make the poached eggs, first pour some salt and vinegar into boiling water. Mix it together to create a flow of water, and drop the egg into the center of the flow. Push the egg whites towards the center as it hardens.

Boil for 2.5 minutes, occasionally flipping it over. (For those who prefer their yolks harder, boil it for 3 minutes instead.) Once finished, place the eggs into another bowl.

Here is a simple way of making poached eggs with a microwave. Crack the eggs into a dense bowl, and gently pour in water to a point just above the egg.

Place this in a 600-watt microwave for 01:20. (Different microwaves will require different time settings.)

We are now done with the poached eggs.

We will now cook the English muffins and bacon. Place the muffins into an oven, and simply use a frying pan for the bacon.

Place the pre-boiled spinach with the umami remains of the bacon. Add some salt and pepper for flavor, and take it out once it’s done cooking.

Now we will be cutting out the eye and mouth parts of Gudetama out of nori.

Use scissors or design knives to cut these parts out.

Let’s start arranging the parts. Place the muffins on a plate, and place the spinach, bacon, and eggs on top. Be sure to drain the water out from the eggs. Pour on the Hollandaise Sauce.

We are now ready to place the facial parts.

Play around with the positioning to create different expressions.

We are now finished! You can also use salmon or ham instead of bacon. This is a simple recipe, so please try it out for a weekend brunch meal!

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