On February 11 at NHK Hall, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) will hold the second edition of its “Coming Next” concert. This event will feature 18 new acts from 18 different labels that the RIAJ thinks have the chance to be the next big thing. A lottery will be held to see who from the public can have one of the 2000 tickets to this event. Check out WHO the 18 new acts are !

Lantis: fhána (Shop fhána Official Merchandise at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi)

Nippon Columbia: Shirahata Kamin with Placebo Foxes

Victor Entertainment: Gacharic Spin 

King Records: Amatsuki

Teichiku Entertainment: chouchou merged syrups.

Universal Music: Shiggy Jr.

Nippon Crown: Sandclock

Tokuma Japan Communications: Himekyun Fruits Kan


Pony Canyon: Ganbare! Victory

Warner Music Japan: Charisma.com


Being: Meiri Alaha

Avex: lol

For Life Music: Comme Ci Comme Ca

Yamaha Music Communications: Tancobuchin

Dreamusic: ZYUN 

Yoshimoto R and C Co.: Mirai Skirt


Source and Image: AramaJapan

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