In Japanese culture, souvenirs or “omiyage” are usually bought when visiting another region of Japan and now big companies like Nestlé are jumping on to this wagon and producing region-specific and season-specific flavors of Kit-Kat bars.

Here’s a list of the flavors and the map for those interested on who gets what.

While there are your typical flavors like dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, etc., there are atypical Kit-Kat flavors such as wasabi (specific to the Tokai region), beni-imo (which is a purple colored sweet potato-flavored bar from Okinawa) and ichimi (which is a Japanese red pepper spice and this flavor is specific to the Koshinetsu area).

kit kat wasabi 1

To save this from being of a geography lesson, I’ll leave it off here and ask you guys: “Which flavor are you guys most interested in?”

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