Los Angeles has a new gang in town and it’s the Maids of the Oinky Doinky Cafe at the Akiba Maid War Pop-up! Located in the heart of Little Tokyo in Little Akihabara, the Oinky Doinky cafe is a collaboration between Asayoru Maid Cafe, Little Akibahara and Cygame’s unique anime IP Akiba Maid War. 

We arrived at the cafe as the head manager in charge took attendance of the patrons. There was a full house tonight with loads of people! Guests were snapping photos of the promotional décor! Before long we were shuffled in our seats and tables!

For those who’ve never attended a maid cafe, it’s a cafe experience where the guests are entertained by the waitresses as if they’re masters of the house.

As we filed in, the staff of trained maids greet the patrons with a smile and we sat at our tables of four patrons to a table. For those unfamiliar with Maid Cafes, guests are treated as Masters and addressed as either Goshujinsama for guys or Ojōsama for girls. Our cute and lovely maid of the night at our table was Sumi-chan. Sumi-chan chatted ecstatically while walking us through our food and drink order. Because the cafe is Pig-themed, she entertained us with vocabulary that related to pigs such as sound effects and puns!

Afterwards, as you scan across the inside of the pop-up cafe, the characters of Akiba Maid War and familiar set pieces of the Oinky Doinky cafe are on display!

Sumi-chan later came by to serve us our drinks. I selected the Oinky Doink Drink, other choices are Piggy Pearl Coffee and Oinky Doink Water. Sumi set each drink down before teaching us a spell incantation using our hands in the form of pig hooves to cast a spell on the drink.

Afterwards, she returned with our food bentos. I selected the Porker’s Omurice which also comes with your choice of any request for ketchup art from one of the maids! Sumi recommended me to request a pig which I graciously did. Oink!

Oinky Doink Soda with Porker Omurice! Attendees also got a random keychain with any of the series characters

After food and drink were all done, the show went on to the performance segment. The maids reenacted iconic parts of the anime and even performed to the music of the show complete with a supportive chanting audience. Fans of the anime will get a kick out of the hilarious situations the maids are get set up to do.

After the performance, the guests had an opportunity to take a cheki polaroid photo with their favorite maid of choice in front of the character standees.

At the end of the service, we were served a delicious ice cream that came with a very thick cookie of the character Ranko printed on it.

We had a great time at the Cafe and as we prepared to leave, the Oinky Doink maids lined up at the exit to bid us farewell and encouraged us to come back again.

Very special thanks to the hard working maids and the staff for presenting us a great service and show!

Tickets for the show can be purchased here between the dates of 6/28-07-28.


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